Carrollton Weather

There are many aspects of the Carrollton Weather that you should be aware of. Among them are average daily high and low temperatures, average rainfall, and average wind speed. While it may not seem important, these factors can play a huge role in the enjoyment of your vacation.

Average Daily High & Low Temperatures

The average daily high and low temperatures for Carrollton, Georgia are moderately chilly and breezy. They range from 68 degF (20 degC) to 45 degF (7 degC) in November. However, there are several days in January that see temperatures well above freezing.

Southern Region

Temperatures are generally above average for the Southern Region, and below average for the Midwestern region. The northern Texas and northwest Louisiana regions were above normal, with temperatures averaging 6 to 8 degrees F higher than usual. Several stations in the Carolinas recorded above-normal values.

In the Northeast, June temperatures were nearly normal. Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut all experienced below-normal temperatures. New Jersey, Rhode Island, and the US Virgin Islands all had near-normal values.

Average Rainfall

Average rainfall in Carrollton, Georgia is a little more than an inch per year. But that does not mean that there are not many rainy days. In fact, a little over 107 days a year will see some form of precipitation.

In Carrollton, GA, the driest month of the year is October. The wettest is May, with an average of 4.3 inches of rain.

Warm Climate

Carrollton has a relatively warm climate. Temperatures average around 38 degrees F and can go as high as 102 degrees F. A typical day in Carrollton during May has 14.3 hours of daylight.

Carrollton Drop

However, temperatures in Carrollton Weather drop below 50 degrees for over 90 days of the year. This is not a good thing for outdoor activities like hiking or swimming.

MERRA-2 Project

If you are wondering what the average hourly wind speed is at your local Carrollton airport, you are not alone. In fact, it is a common occurrence for visitors and residents alike. Whether you are a seasoned resident or new to the area, this nifty guide to wind speeds is sure to help you navigate the airport and surrounding roadways in style. The information is based on data collected from the MERRA-2 project, a collaboration of NASA, Air Force and local air carriers. Using this trove of weather data, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions, as well as some eye-opening facts and tidbits about the local aviation industry.

Carrollton, Georgia weather, like all weather, is affected by various factors. The most important are temperature, wind speed, and cloudiness.

Mid-August Through Mid-October

Typical temperatures in Carrollton range from 38 degrees F to 96 degrees F. Although temperatures are usually very cold in the winter months, they are very hot during the summer. Some of the warmest days are in mid-August through mid-October.

During the spring and summer seasons, a lot of rain falls in Carrollton. May is the wettest month. On average, there are 4.3 inches of rainfall per month.

July has an average of 13.1 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. The driest month is August.

There are many factors that contribute to the weather in Carrollton, Georgia. A few of these include temperature, precipitation, wind, and humidity. Some of these factors are local, while others are regional.

July and August

Weather can change quickly and minute to minute. However, it can also vary by month. The hottest months in Carrollton are July and August. They also have the wettest days. In October, there are 6.3 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

Carrollton has a growing season lasting nearly nine months. It rarely starts before March 7, and rarely ends after December 5. During the winter, temperatures are moderately cold.

Carrollton has an oceanic climate. Most of the rainfall in Carrollton occurs during May. Other rainy months are September and October.

Hot-Weather Activities

If you are considering visiting Carrollton, TX, US, the best time for hot-weather activities is mid September to late October. The city offers a variety of special events for every age.

Weather conditions in Carrollton vary significantly over the course of the year. For example, the weather in July is usually extremely hot. In this month, the average high temperature is around 80degF / 25degC.

During the summer, the wind in Carrollton is moderate. Average wind speed is around 9.5 knots. It varies considerably from hour to hour.

Final Words:

Most months are largely cloudy. However, in August, the skies are clear seventy-one percent of the time. Also, Carrollton receives its fair share of rain. Normally, the north receives more precipitation than the south.

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