Despite its illogical premise, sharksnado is one of the most entertaining B movies around. The movie follows a group of friends who attempt to stop tornadoes that suck man-eating sharks onto the streets of Los Angeles and New York City.

Tornadic waterspouts are whirling columns of air that develop from thunderstorms. They’re actually fairly common.

Movie Synopsis

A freak hurricane in Mexico sucks out a raging shiver of sharksnado. They’re head toward Los Angeles and are attacking anyone they come across, including Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering), owner of a Santa Monica beach bar.

The hurricane ends up causing flooding throughout the city, but it doesn’t stop Fin and his friends from trying to save the people they love, including April Wexler (Tara Reid), Fin’s wife, and their teenage daughter, Claudia. When they meet up with Fin’s son, Matt, who is studying flight school, the group tries to escape from the floodwaters but they are surround by sharks.

Arsenal of High-Tech Weaponry

Thankfully, Fin and his team of anti-shark warriors have an arsenal of high-tech weaponry that helps them fight back. But their seemingly endless battles don’t end there.

A storm reaches Los Angeles and sucks up a swarm of sharks lifted by waterspouts. The resulting “sharksnado” wreaks havoc and kills people.

Cult-Classic Hit

The premise was silly and badly acted, but despite this it grew into an unexpected cult-classic hit. The film spawned a series of sequels, each more over-the-top than the last.

When the film was first made, Ian Ziering was offered a $100,000 salary for his role as Fin Shepard. Eventually, the actor was given a huge bump in pay and this has caused quite a bit of controversy among fans.

Pretty Long Story

While this is not the first time that someone has been paid a huge amount of money for acting in a franchise, it does have a pretty long story behind it. With Sharknado, the movie became a huge success and the actors had to raise their pay to keep up with it. This has caused quite a lot of controversy and has led to some pretty outrageous situations, so let’s take a look at all the drama!


Sharknado is a comedy action-adventure film that began making waves on social media as soon as it was aired. It quickly became a cult hit and eventually saw a limited theatrical release.

In Sharknado, a freak tornado develops and scoops man-eating sharks out of the water. As it moves closer to Los Angeles, the storm floods the city with sharks, a phenomenon known as a “sharknado.”

Dangerous & Cause Destruction

While Fin and his team fight to save Los Angeles, he becomes increasingly concerned for April (Tara Reid) and their daughter, Matt. As the sharknados continue to spread across the country, they become more dangerous and cause destruction.

Fin must fight off the monsters in a series of bizarre and unexpected locations, including the Big Apple. With the help of a new friend, Nova, Fin must find a way to get April back home. He must also find a way to stop the upcoming hurricane and bring the storm to an end before it destroys everything that matters.


If you like movies that have a lot of “suspension of disbelief” moments, you’ll love sharksnado. It’s not a perfect movie–it doesn’t make the most of its premise–but it has more WTF moments in 86 minutes than Lost could get away with in 86 seasons, and it’s unabashedly silly and fun.

The Syfy original starred Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, and is direct by Joe Carnahan. It’s about a freak hurricane that lifts swarms of sharks to the surface of Los Angeles, where they eat people and wreak havoc.

Final Words:

The movie’s premise is completely ludicrous, but it’s a good idea to watch it with friends because it’s fun. The film moves at a rapid pace, with characters flirting and fighting and falling in love while running for their lives.

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